You Never Know When Great Records Will Help You Out

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Last week, one of our clients shared a great note with us about how meaningful record-keeping helped him out.

This client, a VP of Operations for a national water treatment company, was in a regular meeting with his stakeholders, when he was surprised with a deluge of questions regarding the work that he and his team were doing. Because his team meticulously keeps track of their work in LogCheck (their Coverage Score routinely stays over 95%!), he was able to concretely answer their questions immediately. He produced records and even showed them the graphs that LogCheck automatically generates for him, further backing him up.

Furthermore, these records were enough to satisfy the questions so well that it saved him from having to wait for another meeting to resolve them. We know that our clients would much rather be out in the field getting work done than preparing for meetings, so this is music to our ears.

This is what he had to say:

“I just wanted to thank you and share with you how this app has raised our level of service and accountability.

I just came from a sewage authority meeting that is held monthly and throughout this meeting I was asked numerous questions and asked to produce certain records for both council and towns engineers.

These were a surprise and not planned and due to your app I was able to answer questions, provide graphs, and resolve issues that would have otherwise taken at least one more meeting (month) to resolve, thus saving the authority money and allowing them and me to make accurate educated decisions.

Thanks again for all you have done getting us on board and all the support you continue to give.

This has really stepped up our game.”

This is exactly what we hope to hear from our clients. LogCheck is dedicated to the idea that good record-keeping helps operations and maintenance professionals of all kinds in more ways than you can imagine.

How has good (or bad) record-keeping impacted your job?

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