Managing Resource Demands In Buildings And Software

by Jul 23, 2019LogCheck Features

How do you manage hot or chilled water demand at peak times? What kind of work do you undertake to anticipate your tenants’ future needs?

For many of you, capital improvements are the key to providing the best experiences for the people in your buildings. Whether that means replacing a boiler before the end of its lifecycle or upgrading an air handling unit, we understand that the work you do in sub basements and on rooftops makes all the difference to those inside – even if those efforts remain behind-the-scenes.

LogCheck also has the behind-the-scenes job of managing resource demand. The same way your boilers deliver steam or hot water to tenants, our servers work to send and receive your data when you need it.

Just like a tenant probably never thinks about boilers until their water doesn’t get as warm, most people never think about servers until their software starts to slow down. As part of our own routine inspection process, we noticed our servers were running at high capacity, causing sign-in errors for some mobile app users – particularly at peak times when shifts tend to begin and end.

We are committed to continuously improving our product, and slow sign-in times just won’t do. So we invested in infrastructure improvements to ensure that our service will be available when you need it most.

As of last month, we’ve increased the number of database servers LogCheck runs on. We worked hard to ensure that this upgrade didn’t cause any downtime for our users – you shouldn’t have experienced any change in the product functionality at all!

We’re building a faster, more efficient LogCheck today for a better future ahead. Like always, feel free to contact us to let us know if there is anything we can do to make LogCheck work better for you.

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