City Buildings Illustration


Commercial buildings across the country rely on LogCheck to make their facilities run their best.
Server Tower Illustration

Data Centers

Use LogCheck to keep your facility running at peak efficiency and avoid costly downtime.
Graduation Cap Illustration


Schools and universities use LogCheck to ensure that all of their facilities are in sync, across campuses.
Government Building Illustration


LogCheck promotes transparency between all stakeholders, ensuring that the work gets done, and done right.
Hospital Cross Illustration


Easily access all of your maintenance records, making Joint Commission audits a breeze.
5 Star Hotel Illustration


Make sure your building runs smoothly at all times to create the best experience for your guests.
Gears Illustration


In industrial settings, a single hiccup can halt production. LogCheck helps diagnose issues before they become costly problems.
Life Preserver Illustration


At sea, you can’t afford for your equipment to perform at anything but its best. Use LogCheck to monitor and ensure proper operation, 24/7.
T-Rex Skull Fossil Illustration


Maintain optimal conditions to protect the life of every piece.
Light Bulb Illustration

Power Plants

A well-maintained plant is a safe plant. LogCheck helps you stay on top of issues.
Residential Buildings Illustration


Keeping tenants happy is key to residential facility maintenance. LogCheck keeps that process streamlined.
Stadium Illustration


Stadiums have a lot of changing needs depending on the event. Keep facility checks organized and efficient with LogCheck.

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