Case Studies

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Adams & Company Boiler Room

How LogCheck Saved Adams & Company over $17,000

According to Adams & Company Project Director Victoria Benson, staff training times were reduced by a staggering 80% after adopting LogCheck. In addition, LogCheck can make bureaucratic tasks much easier by using it as a cost saving resource for contractors and insurance claim liability reporting.

Industrial Air Dampers

Missed Freeze Rounds Cost Class-A Commercial Tower Millions

A large Class A commercial building in Midtown Manhattan learned the hard way how important thorough freeze rounds are. An outside air damper that was supposed to automatically close got stuck open before a hard freeze.
MRI Machine and room

Neglected Inspections Lead To Expensive, Dangerous Gas Leak In Hospital

A 600 bed California hospital’s facilities team responsibilities included maintaining a helium supply system, but one day, something went wrong. Over one weekend, a latent leak caused a “significant” loss of helium from one of the storage tanks.
Leaky faucet

Resident Manager Saves Time And Money By Discovering Issue Himself

Dan knew his building’s domestic water system well. He also knew that a service call for that system would be pricey. So when he received an increase in tenant complaints about domestic hot water, he investigated himself.
Pump float mechanism

Setting Up LogCheck Helped Commercial Property Avoid Potential Flood

While on-boarding a large commercial client in Manhattan, the head of LogCheck’s setup team made a suggestion. Many other buildings use LogCheck to routinely test their sump pumps, so he suggested that they check it weekly to prevent an unwanted flood.

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