Product Overview

The Video Below Provides a High-Level Overview of the LogCheck System
An Easy & Reliable Tool to Keep Things Running Smoothly
Our customizable iOS app has a clean and simple interface that is more powerful than paper log sheets but just as easy to use. LogCheck allows for an unlimited number of users, so each record gets associated with the person who saved it.
A Powerful Yet Simple User Experience
Every Log book is divided into locations. A location can indicate a physical, location like a boiler room or a roof top, a piece of equipment or any logs that get completed together; such as fire safety inspections or freeze rounds. You can attach notes or automatically time-stamped photos to any record. This ensures information is spread quickly and clearly throughout your team.
Spot Problems Before They’re Problems
You can easily preset normal operating ranges for your equipment checks. So if a reading falls outside of the expected range, a warning pops up alerting the operator to a potential issue. Your log book also allows you to view previous records or instantly graph your data, helping you diagnose issues right in the field.
Have All Your Records Instantly Available To You
The LogCheck dashboard gives you a high-level overview of what your team records in the field. You’re instantly presented with any unexpected readings or out of range alerts. Any notes or photos are also brought to your attention.

For anything in LogCheck, you can dig as deep as you want. The “Locations” tab allows you to view the most recent record for every log in your system. You can also click all the way in, and view everything associated with that log.

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