About Us

The idea for LogCheck was born in the boiler rooms of New York City. It was built for engineers, by engineers, who saw the need for a simple tool that improves the training and augments the value of the people responsible for keeping our buildings safe, comfortable, and efficient. With all the focus on automation and monitoring systems in modern buildings, it’s easy to forget about the human operators, diligently working behind the scenes fixing issues before you’re even aware of them. We haven’t forgotten about them, because we know first hand that automation systems are far from perfect and the importance of skilled operators doing real work isn’t going away anytime soon. LogCheck is a simple mobile tool to help building maintenance staff streamline their routine checks, tasks and reporting in the field. Staff log their activities, management checks them as needed, everyone’s kept on the same page without the paperwork. It works because it’s simple. This feedback loop improves communication and trust between maintenance teams, enabling staff to save time and reduce risks.