Facility Maintenance’s Response To COVID-19

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A Message To Our Customers…

As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, every sector of our built environment has been impacted. While we at LogCheck are able to fully work from home, we recognize that for most of our customers, that’s not possible. You’re likely still out there running your building; still making sure that it continues to operate as efficiently and as SAFELY as possible.

We know how dedicated you are at taking care of your building, and we want to recognize and thank you for the important work that you do. We’d also like to stress that you and your family’s health and safety is paramount. Please do take care of yourself.

As a LogCheck customer, you may already be using your digital logbook to stay on top of the additional health and safety checks and tasks that you’re doing in response to this outbreak. In fact, many of our customers are.

In this post, we’re going to share some tidbits that might help you get the most out of the platform to protect your facilities and the people in them.

What Some Customers Are Doing

Here are some of the ways we’re seeing our customers quickly adapt to this evolving situation:

  • New health and safety inspections: Keeping your buildings clean is always a priority, but that’s more true now than ever! Customers are adding more detail to their cleaning routines, including the sanitization of high-touch areas like elevator buttons and door handles.And not just in tenant-occupied spaces – freight and engineering spaces are getting wiped down too.
  • New visual inspections: We’ve seen an increase in the number of visual inspections, particularly at universities where buildings are being closed early.Typical checks may no longer be applicable, but walkthroughs may give you enough assurance that everything is as it should be.
  • Increased frequency of checks: Plenty of buildings are doing everything right, but now they’re doing everything more often. New sanitization checks are certainly helping teams stay ahead of the spread of germs, and more frequent checks mean they get done – even as your teams get pulled in different directions.Need to change the frequency of your logs? Learn how.
Editing Logs On Mobile Or Web

Whether you’re updating existing logs or building new ones, LogCheck has tools that will allow you to quickly respond to the work that needs to be completed in the field. Add, update, or move logs with easy edit function in the mobile app.

You can also easily make edits to your logs from the web app. This newer functionality may be preferred when updating large numbers of logs.

Suspend logs that aren’t being done.

Some facilities are winding down services and others are choosing to focus their limited staff on only what’s necessary. Suspending a log removes it from a rounds routine and prevents it from becoming overdue. By choosing suspensions, customers are accurately documenting the work they are focused on and protecting their Coverage Score.

Need to suspend a log? Learn how.

We Are Here For You

We don’t yet know how long these exceptional measures will be necessary, but our Customer Success and Product teams are available to help you at our Support Center, via help@logcheck.com, or by calling 212-518-7516. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, requests, or issues.

We hope that you found this look into what other customers are doing helpful. Sharing information is one of the greatest tools we have to mitigate the impact of this virus.
Are you using LogCheck as part of your COVID-19 reaction procedures? If so, please email us at product@logcheck.com and let us know how we can better support your work. And more than anything else, stay safe out there.

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