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LogCheck works, but don’t take our word for it:












“LogCheck has been a great app to allow me to keep as detailed a record of SFSU’s Central Plant as I need with flexibility to adapt to changing procedures and changing equipment. Keep up your OUTSTANDING work!! I am looking forward to using LogCheck as long as it is available.”

– Christopher Mabie, CPE-IT, CPO, BSE, SFSU



“LogCheck is great! It’s a real benefit to myself and my staff. In many ways it’s a motivational tool for staff members. It is easy to use and helps my team record important information and identify issues before they happen.”

– Gerry Britton, Superintendent at Marmara Manhattan



LogCheck is a great way for new staff to learn the building. Just give them the iPad and have a trained staff person walk them through the building once or twice. Instead of needing to do that 3, 4, or 5 times, staff can start to learn the building in 1 or 2…because the instructions are right there in LogCheck!”

– Victoria Benson, Project Director at Adams & Company