Why Facilities Maintenance Pros Are Among America’s Best

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Facilities Maintenance (FM) professionals are the life force behind the buildings that make up America’s great cities and towns. These engineers, operators, maintenance techs, and other skilled workers keep our homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, cultural centers, and all the places we live our lives running.

Keeping the buildings in our cities safe, comfortable, and prepared for the future, our dedicated FM teams are an integral part of our built environment and this great nation. They are committed Americans who do honest work, getting their hands dirty to ensure that all of us can live and prosper. Without them, our institutions would quite literally crumble.

Good, Non-Outsourceable All-American Jobs

The FM industry has provided well-paying careers to generations of American families from all backgrounds. It offers positions for all skill levels, with opportunities to build specialized skills and advance through a career.

These jobs are necessarily local – you have to live close to your building. Because of this, they can’t be sourced from abroad or performed remotely; it’s an on-site, hands-on occupation. We will always need fixers, so unlike some other positions, these jobs are here to stay.

Deserving Of Our Recognition

Our buildings represent the cities we live in. The many beautiful skylines that make up this country simply couldn’t exist without the efforts of FM professionals. In many ways, they make up our country’s face. To be proud of our buildings – and the people who support them – is to be proud of our community and nation.

So as we recognize all things America this week, let’s take a second to appreciate an occupation that is as American as apple pie (or cast iron steam boilers).

Happy Independence Day, everyone.

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  1. Harlan says:

    Retired from DOC. Was the one and only FM I’m a multimillion dollar faucility pay was half of what it should have been for all the certifications I hold ..Workef and repaired everything in the building.

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