Where LogCheck Beats Your CMMS

by Feb 27, 2019Routine Inspections

A CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is the staple software platform for the Facilities Maintenance (FM) industry. But CMMS systems are not your best option for collecting some types of building maintenance data in the field. LogCheck is intentionally designed to manage your routine operations and get that data to your team.

Routine operations are the regular inspections, meter readings, and regular checks or procedures that keep your building safe and functional every day. Unfortunately the terms ‘routine’ and ‘regular’ don’t convey the importance of routine operations, but the benefits you can achieve with good routine data are invaluable.

While CMMS definitely has its place in a maintenance process, many facilities and engineering teams have improved their operations by getting routine activities out of their CMMS and into LogCheck. Completing these tasks is much faster and easier with LogCheck, so you get value out of your data immediately – not just when you have time to enter it into your CMMS.

Here is a comparison look at the two systems:
(computerized maintenance management system)
(routine operations management system)
Great for comprehensive maintenance plans that include Work Orders, PMs, Inventory, Budgeting Strictly for routine tasks on set intervals: Inspections, Meter readings, Simple maintenance, Safety checks
Established platform familiar to most Modern software focused on an underserved part of FM
Advanced trending and analysis depending on the application, vendor, module, customization Integrated reports, real-time trends, alerts
Setup factors vary greatly, historically more expensive Quick set up, minimal training, inexpensive
When do you need CMMS?

CMMS is well suited for PM, work orders, and any maintenance operation managed more like a project with regard to things like resource management, budget tracking, and materials management.

Routine maintenance data doesn’t make sense for CMMS.

A CMMS generates complicated tickets for every task. This makes sense for big projects, but it totally breaks down when applied to routine maintenance.

We often see clients with a huge backlog of work orders because they either put work off or didn’t close tickets correctly.

When complicated tickets hold up the completion of a work order or PM the quality of your maintenance suffers. And if the work does get done, but it’s improperly documented due to a difficult system, that’s a problem too.

LogCheck addresses both of these problems. FM teams don’t need a work order to read a bunch of instruments and inspect their equipment. But they do need to see what needs checking on a given shift. And they do need a way to document and share data they collect in the field.

LogCheck provides you an instant status of your facility and makes all your data easily available and ready for analysis. It provides everything you’d need out of a CMMS for routine work…without the headaches.

Collecting routine data with LogCheck also makes your existing CMMS more useful. It removes clutter, leaving only your real WOs and PMs, so your engineers can get those jobs done more efficiently.

Easy to set up; easy to use

Worried about the difficulty of setting up a new system? Or still using paper log sheets for your routine work instead? Getting your routine tasks into LogCheck is quicker and easier than you might expect.

LogCheck will incorporate the tasks from paper log sheets or extracted from your CMMS as part of set up. Users can also start from scratch with provided templates. Editing and adding tasks is simple, too. On top of that, LogCheck needs no integration with your building’s server and has the added advantage of being affordable.

LogCheck is the easiest way to stay on top of routine inspections, meter readings, and maintenance tasks. But don’t take our word for it. Request your free trial today and see for yourself!

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