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In 2012, engineer Matt Brown was teaching a course on building operation and maintenance to superintendents in New York City. He educated the students about the concept that by tracking a few simple metrics, such as a boiler’s exhaust temperature, a super could make that boiler run more efficiently, and even communicate fuel and water saving opportunities to management.

The curriculum provided the supers with standard paper maintenance log sheets used to record observations, meter readings, and completed maintenance tasks. During each of his classes, which took place in boiler rooms, Matt observed that many superintendent’s were relying on their smartphones. Not for taking notes, but rather to use the highly advanced device … as a flashlight. It was at that point that Matt saw his own light.

The Right Tool For The Job

This experience inspired Matt and his twin brother, Mike Brown, to modernize traditional facility maintenance paper log sheets into a smartphone application. They teamed up with Benjamin Ragheb, a mobile software developer, and together they created LogCheck.

The LogCheck team designed the digital logbooks catering to how superintendents work, turning it into a tool that was intuitive. By liberating the data from the confines of a clipboard, LogCheck opened a world of possibilities:

    • Maintenance workers can see trends in their equipment metrics through immediate data visualization
    • Inspection routines can be delegated to junior staff
    • Improved communication with building management

We Take Pride In Our Work

We have enormous respect for the maintenance professionals who keep our buildings heated, cooled, healthy, and safe. They are critical to identifying, fixing, and preventing problems; they are a building’s immune system. We are building software that is designed for them and, if we can help them do their jobs better, we can make buildings everywhere more comfortable for the people who occupy them and less taxing on the environment we all share.

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