Implementation Stress Is No Issue With New FM Tech

by Aug 29, 2018Technology

FM professionals tell us all the time that they “don’t want to deal with implementing software for some new system.” Having been through FM software implementation on the client side…I don’t blame them. It’s downright traumatic.

I’ve been on facilities teams dealing with this kind of ordeal on more than a few occasions, and it’s a ton of work with lots of unforeseen challenges. These FM software systems took months or more to get up and running. They required contractors on site, support for test protocols, risk management, system downtime, training… it’s a lot to add to an already busy day.

Hard to set up, hard to use

And after the hardship of implementing these systems into our buildings and training our teams…a good solution for routine maintenance never happened. We were stuck with clunky, unintuitive software.

Your routine maintenance software should be as simple as your messaging, social networks, maps, news, calendar apps… the stuff we use every day.

Technology is so good there is no reason to put up with anything annoying or complicated. Software should be easy. But, completing rounds properly on these other systems is more work than necessary. What good is an inconvenient system that does it all, when you only need to do one thing well?

Frustrating software doesn’t cut it

At LogCheck, we hear the problems with FM tech all of the time. Engineers tell us how most FM technology attempts to tackle all aspects of property management at once, but still hasn’t nailed routine maintenance.

Maybe those software companies don’t understand what facilities teams need, or maybe they don’t think maintenance matters enough. Either way, facilities engineers deserve a better tool. Routine maintenance is too important to be an afterthought!

Routine maintenance helps you prevent problems from happening and catch issues early. It’s too important to overlook.

Why LogCheck is different

Our sole focus is helping FM teams complete routine maintenance and we understand what it takes. Actually, our company was forged in the boiler rooms of NYC. Not an afterthought in a CMMS system; LogCheck is a simple mobile app, user-friendly, easy to learn, and effective.

Implementation today should be much simpler than previous generations of any type of software. If it’s not, maybe that’s a red flag to be cautious in your selection. With LogCheck, implementation is a breeze.

How to start using LogCheck:

  • Send us your existing log sheets
  • Our setup team will contact you if necessary
  • You’ll receive your customized digital logbook in as little as a few days
  • We work with you until you’re trained and your logbook is exactly right

If you don’t have good log sheets, or any at all, we have a guide and a template for you in our blog “How To Build A Maintenance Rounds Routine (log sheet template inside).”

It really is that easy. But don’t take my word for it. Click below to set up a free trial based on your building’s log sheets and see for yourself.

Try it for free

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