Green Training Helps O&M Staff Improve Buildings And Careers

by Oct 30, 2015Energy Efficiency

Here at LogCheck, we’re excited to see our clients constantly improving processes and expanding their skillsets. Continually learning new skills is one of the best things that operators, engineers, or maintenance professionals of any kind can do for both their buildings and their own careers.

A video recently featured two LogCheck users as they told their experience with a Green Training program that their union offered:

John Hoy explains how he has utilized skills that he learned in 32BJ’s Green Training program to increase his skills and further his career. Michael Gubbins, his supervisor, shows how those skills are put to use across their USGBC LEED Gold and Platinum buildings.

Hoy and Gubbins were also two of LogCheck’s earliest users.

We see time and time again that the people who choose to use LogCheck for their routine inspection rounds are the kind of people who truly care about what they do. And that allows them to manage some of the best run buildings in the world.

We strongly encourage any operations and maintenance professionals to take advantage of the educational opportunities that organizations like 32BJ offer. They can grow your skills and help you take a more proactive approach to running your facilities.

And if you’re interested in seeing how LogCheck can help you run your building better, click here to request a live demo.

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