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A few weeks ago, I heard someone on a radio program tell the audience that “cold late-October days are nature telling us winter is coming.” Instead of trying to wrap your head around the absurdity of that statement, let’s just say that winter will be here soon. With that in mind, here are a few tips we’ve collected over the years to help you close out the fall and get you prepared for the cold season.

For the transition months. Some of your biggest opportunities are in the fall when temperatures are more variable:

You can save money in the heating season. Of course, you’ll have to run your heater soon, but there’s no reason to waste heat in your building:

  • Know your heating zones. Learn how to do a zone audit for ultimate control over your building’s heating system in our post Know Your Zones.
  • Seal your heated spaces. It can make a dramatic impact on energy savings. A NYC building saved $700,000 with an air sealing strategy. Read the story in our post Air Seal Your Conditioned Spaces.

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Protect and minimize risks and liabilities. Whether you are protecting your building from fraud or minimizing your liability in icy conditions. Prevention is the best way to hold onto your budget:

And, for polar vortex season avoid disaster with these frigid weather tips:

Good luck! And, regardless of your winter toil, remember to find time to enjoy family and friends this holiday season!

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