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Keeping the outside of your building safe is just as important as keeping the inside safe. With all of the nasty weather over the last few weeks, we know you’re breaking your backs to properly remove snow and ice from your sidewalks and walkways. You should get credit for your hard work.

Document snow removal by taking a photo of your work as part of your routine inspection rounds. That way, you have a record to prove to management that you got your work done. Even more importantly, you cover your ass. If someone tries to file a fraudulent slip and fall lawsuit, claiming that you left an unsafe environment, you have a record to prove that you did the work.

Sound like an extreme situation? It’s more common than you think. In 2011 alone, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported over 2,100 “questionable slip and fall” claims, with NYC topping the list of targeted cities (and LA, Philly, and Chicago weren’t far behind). Each claim can cost a company thousands of dollars, and management will look to you.

Snow removal log

We at LogCheck don’t want that to happen, so part of our mobile app allows you to attach a photo to any log. We automatically watermark and time-stamp every photo, so our image can prove exactly when you properly cleared your walkways and entrances.

We’ve got your back! Third-party time-stamped photos may help you avoid slip/fall injury claims by guests and pedestrians, protecting yourself against legal action.

Don’t let yourself become a target. Document your work, every time.

Header image: NYC Snow by Sarah_Ackerman, used via Creative Commons license

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