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Consistently Saving Customers Time & Money

Save Time Training New Staff

LogCheck’s mobile and web applications make paper logs and laborious training a thing of the past. Your customized digital logbooks can be set up with your precise parameters, including schedules and instructions, so new staff learn the job by doing it. According to Adams & Company Project Director Victoria Benson, staff training times were reduced by a staggering 80% after adopting LogCheck.

A bar graph displaying an 80 percent reduction in staff training time, from 10 days to 2 days thanks to LogCheck.
LogCheck was presented to staff as both a training tool and a way to show their bosses exactly what work was being done. It really got their buy-in. I love the fact that it’s user-friendly and easy to implement.
Victoria Benson

Project Director, Adams & Company

Adams & Company Boiler Room

One of Adams & Company’s many impeccably maintained boiler rooms

Reduce Code Compliance Stress

In addition to assuring accountability for routine inspections, LogCheck can also make bureaucratic reporting much easier. Logcheck stores your historic data on cloud-based servers. When industry regulations need to be met or proven, the necessary data is available instantly.

Adams & Company regularly relies on remote access to their facilities’ data, especially when on-site staff must be limited for health-and-safety reasons. Maintenance staff can rest easy knowing that compliance reports can be pulled even if they’re out for a day.

A desktop image showing coverage data for an Adams
As DOB and DOH inspectors have come around to confirm we are compliant with
COVID regulations, our staff used LogCheck to show them our daily cleaning protocol in public areas and restrooms. We’ve been able to alleviate concerns of a few inspectors over the last few months.
Victoria Benson

Project Director, Adams & Company

Adams & Company Boiler Room

An Adams & Company facility demonstrating exemplary sanitary and safety protocol compliance

Save Money in Expected Ways
Maintenance and replacement are a fact of life in any facility setting, and contractors and materials can come with a high price tag.


That is how much Adams & Company saved in service costs by identifying discrepancies in billed labor hours. Thanks to LogCheck, Adams & Company could prove how long contractors were actually on site. Adams & Company was also able to use LogCheck to prove service mechanics failed to perform work which may have prevented a later billable issue.

A LogCheck log About a Boiler Check
Save Money in Unexpected Ways

When an Adams & Company property was recently struck by a flood, the company credited LogCheck with helping ensure a thorough and accurate record-keeping. LogCheck lets users in the field add time-stamped photos to their logs. These logs and photos were used to establish before-and-after conditions that were then turned over to the insurance company to validate their claim and mitigate their losses.

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Customer Profile

Adams & Company logo

Company Founded: 1920

Region: New York City

Asset Type: Commercial Property Management

Using LogCheck Since: 2015

Reach: 16 Properties

Square Footage: 2,956,000

Adams & Company manages property from a distinctly “insider” position. They bring an owner’s perspective to property management because they, too, are property owners. Through such efforts as the development of long-range financial planning, hands-on management of building operations, and knowledgeable implementation of code compliance, they maximize the profitability of their clients’ properties. At Adams & Company, each property is viewed as an important asset, not just a multistoried structure.

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