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Is it really November already? It seems like just yesterday we were looking forward to the warmth of summer. Now for many of us, consistently cooler weather means that our boilers are running: heating season is here.

Like all equipment, boilers require routine inspections and maintenance. The specifics of those routine checks depend on the type of boiler you run, as well as its age and history. That being said, there are some general tasks that are applicable to any boiler.

Here is a general boiler maintenance list, based on ASHRAE 180-2012:

  • Inspect the fuel filter for dirt and damage
  • Inspect the fuel pump for damage
  • Inspect the blowdown or drain valves for dirt and debris
  • Check the fuel pump for proper operation
  • Clean and lubricate the damper
  • Test and treat the chemistry of the system water
  • Clean and test combustion chamber, burner and flue

Don’t take these inspections for granted. And don’t procrastinate, either. In one case, after a cleaning, the boiler saw a 10% increase in efficiency. This saved the building about $9,000 over six weeks.

Track those inspections to create a running history of your boilers. Many engineers use the standard paper log sheet system. Many others use LogCheck to track these inspections.

Over the next few months, temperatures will continue to fall. Let’s keep our boilers from falling too.

We’d be happy to show you how LogCheck can help you stay on top of boiler checks and achieve big fuel savings this heating season. Request your free trial today and we’ll set you up with a demo.

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    This sounds like it would be very beneficial for less paper work.

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