Are You Excited About Maintenance?

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Without maintenance, our built environment would fall apart. Maintenance quite literally keeps the lights on. Our culture, on the other hand, seems to value “innovation” over all else, and it’s leading to unfortunate consequences. Andrews Russell and Lee Vinsel’s excellent article, Let’s Get Excited About Maintenance, aims to turn that…

You’re (Probably) Doing PMs Wrong!

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If you use a work order system to generate tickets for routine maintenance tasks, it’s time to rethink your process. Work orders are really great at some things, but tracking routine preventative maintenance tasks isn’t one of them. When you dump your PMs into your work-order system – usually the…

As Universities Slash Maintenance Budgets, Data Helps Facility Teams Fight Back

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A university’s maintenance team is crucial to the success and safety of its staff and students. Unfortunately, management doesn’t always get this, and facilities budgets are often one of the first to go when times get tough. Facilities management needs to harness the power of the data they collect on…