Declutter Your Complicated PM and Work Order Systems

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Frustrated by your CMMS work order or PM system? Annoyed that you have to login and remember how to use the software that’s completely overkill for simple tasks? Sick of getting hung up managing and closing tickets? You are not alone. Does this scenario sound familiar?: Go find a computer….

5 ways to improve your facility and save money

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From our own backgrounds in engineering, and as we work with facilities maintenance teams across the country, we’ve learned lots of ways to run a better, more cost-effective operation. Here are a few tips that can save money and help your equipment run at its best: Keep an eye on…

Great Mentorship Helps FM Teams Fix Unexpected Problems

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I spent the majority of my facility maintenance career working in a biopharmaceutical manufacturing setting. During this time, I was lucky enough to be a part of first-rate FM teams and to have experienced exceptional mentorship. The knowledge that these mentors shared inspired a sense of ownership, pride, and a…

Repair vs. Replace: A cautionary tale about an old motorcycle

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Are you sure you want to replace that equipment? Is it truly beyond repair? Replacing tired looking equipment when your system malfunctions or breaks down can seem like a great idea. However, with proper maintenance and maybe the addition of some modern engineering tweaks, that old equipment may be able…

Boiler Room Heroes

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Who are your heroes? Ours are in basements and boiler rooms. Eighty percent of NYC’s existing buildings will still be in use in 2050. With the cost of energy increasing and the growing need for more efficient buildings to support a rising population, who is responsible for minimizing energy consumption…

Paper isn’t just a mess… it’s a liability

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It’s no secret that technology is making building operations more efficient than ever. But checking boxes, filling in blank fields, and circling your selection on paper log sheets is still standard practice when performing building inspections and rounds. And it works great…right? Paper log sheets are tangible and low tech….

5 Ways Photos Can Improve Your Facility Maintenance

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Taking photos while performing maintenance rounds can greatly improve communication within your team and with management. A few pictures can explain much more than notes or even a quick conversation can, especially when attached to a record in a digital logbook like LogCheck. Adding photos to your routine inspections and maintenance…

Tip of the Week: Set Up Seasonal Suspensions

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As seasonal responsibilities change, off season logs can hang around overdue in your logbooks creating a nuisance that can slow down your staff. LogCheck’s seasonal suspensions allow you to pause any log(s) for a particular time period. Seasonal suspensions help clean up your logbooks and keep seasonally irrelevant logs from…

Tip of the Week: Email Reporting

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Are you getting too many email reports from LogCheck? You could unsubscribe, but before you do we want to show you what you could be getting with a more customized email report. Many of our clients like to receive the information in our email reports very frequently, sometimes every few…