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Shawn’s Tip Of The Week: Use a smoke stick to stop unwanted air movement

For this week’s tip, I’ll defer to the 32BJ Training Fund‘s great video on air sealing. In it, Victor Nazario uses a smoke stick to detect drafts in an apartment building. He then seals those problem areas, which will save on heating and cooling costs, improve tenant comfort, and cut down on future service calls, all while alleviating stress on his equipment.

These improvements can seem small, but they can amount to huge savings. In fact, a recent New York Times article tells how one of LogCheck’s clients used an air sealing strategy to help cut their annual electricity bill by $700,000 at one of their facilities.

Though Victor is talking about apartment buildings specifically in this video, this same process can be very useful in many different kinds of facilities, so check it out:

I found this video on the 32BJ Training Fund YouTube channel. I encourage you to subscribe to their videos and follow them on Twitter @32BJTraining for more great info (and while you’re at it, follow @LogCheck, too!).

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