A Great Logbook Is Your Strongest Training Tool

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Shawn’s Tip Of The Week: Your logbook can make onboarding new staff much easier

A well-made logbook is basically an operator’s manual for your building. Get yours in good enough shape, and it will quickly become your best training tool.

We started training a new hire last week which got me thinking about how some clients use our digital logbook to help train their staff. It makes great sense. Think about everything your LogCheck logbook tells you:

  • The equipment your building has
  • Where to find each piece of equipment
  • How often each item needs to be checked
  • When something needs servicing
  • Normal and abnormal operating ranges
  • Historical readings and trends
  • Known problem areas
  • Detailed notes, instructions, contact numbers, equipment specs, etc. (in explanation text)
  • And much more…

Imagine it was your first day. How much would it help to have all of this in your hands as you do rounds for the first time? On the flipside, as a veteran of your building, how much time would it save you in training new staff if they have this instruction manual with them each day?

Of course, nothing can ever replace proper training, but imagine how much easier it can be with a strong, documented rounds process manual.

How do you know if your logbook is in good shape? The next time you do your rounds, see how you would do if you ONLY had your logbook to tell you what to do. Without your background knowledge, how well would you do? What else do you need to add to make it explain even more?

As always, if you already use LogCheck and want help or advice with your logbook, you can reach me at support@logcheck.com anytime. Or, if you haven’t tried LogCheck yet, drop me a line as well and I’ll get you set up with a free trial so you can take it for a test drive at your own building.

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