5 ways to improve your facility and save money

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From our own backgrounds in engineering, and as we work with facilities maintenance teams across the country, we’ve learned lots of ways to run a better, more cost-effective operation. Here are a few tips that can save money and help your equipment run at its best:

  1. Keep an eye on water consumption
    A meter on your make-up water lines is a small investment that could save you thousands. Everything leaks eventually, but having a record of when and how much will help you diagnose the issue early. The cost of water is on the rise, don’t get hosed.
  2. Track your stack temp
    A boiler is a massive expense. Set your boiler cleanings based on rising stack temp. You could save thousands in fuel and extend the life of your equipment significantly.
  3. Know your inspections
    Whether it’s you or a vendor, know what should be included in an equipment inspection or service. Not unlike bringing your car to the mechanic, you may avoid unnecessary costs being informed.
  4. Name your equipment
    You spend enough time with your equipment, may as well name it. We have all had a one sided conversation with a machine. Why not give it a name in case you speak in the future? Or just make it easier to ID and discuss.
  5. Seal air conditioned spaces
    Losing conditioned air through unsealed spaces is like letting money fly right out of your building. Sealing small cracks is a low cost fix that will keep utility costs contained.


In case you haven’t heard, this is a great resource!

Have an equipment problem that’s stumping your team? Dan Holohan and the community at heatinghelp.com are great resource for researching heating topics, and they cover anything even remotely related to heating. We highly recommend their site.

In our industry, a little bit of specialized knowledge can go a long way. Have any unique tips that save your facility money? Share them in the comments below.

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