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Last Friday, the 25 millionth record was saved to LogCheck. This is a huge milestone on our path to help make our built environment as healthy, safe, and efficient as possible.

We decided to take this as an opportunity to share some exciting markers that show just how much LogCheck has grown.


Engineers and operations professionals in nearly half of the states in the US (as well as multiple Canadian provinces!) rely on LogCheck for their daily inspections.

Screenshot 2016-03-23 11.19.33

Those O&M teams use LogCheck to keep track of over 198,000 unique routine inspections, meter readings, and preventative maintenance tasks.


After we launched LogCheck photos last year, clients gained the ability to attach timestamped field images to any record, and attach they did. Over 297,000 photos have been saved via LogCheck.

Screenshot 2016-03-23 11.19.05

It took over a year for us to see our first million records saved. Now, we get over a million every few weeks! And that’s only increasing. Last month, we averaged approximately 60,000 records/day.

Since we began in a few residential buildings in NYC, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, airports, landmarks, and many other other types of facilities have embraced LogCheck for their routine inspections. 

To all of our clients: thank you for getting us here. We are endlessly grateful for the amazing people we get to work with. And to those who haven’t tried LogCheck yet, what are you waiting for?

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