How Rounds Get Done

LogCheck is the easiest way to stay on top of routine maintenance tasks, inspections, and meter readings.

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Commercial buildings use
LogCheck to operate their best.


Stay on top of issues and keep
your tenants happy.


Easily access all of your maintenance
records, making Joint Commission
audits a breeze.


Use LogCheck to keep your facility
running at peak efficiency and avoid
costly downtime.


A well-maintained plant is a safe plant.
LogCheck helps you stay on top of


Make sure your building runs smoothly
at all times to create the best experience
for your guests.


Maintain optimal conditions to protect
the life of every piece.


Schools and universities use LogCheck
to ensure that all of their facilities are in
sync, across campuses.


LogCheck promotes transparency
between all stakeholders, ensuring that
the work gets done, and done right.


In industrial settings, a single hiccup can
halt production. LogCheck helps
diagnose issues before they become
costly problems.


Remember the Super Bowl blackout at
the Superdome? LogCheck could have
alerted engineers of faulty equipment or
improper settings ahead of time.


At sea, you can’t afford for your
equipment to perform at anything but its
best. Use LogCheck to monitor and
ensure proper operation, 24/7.

Better Record-Keeping With Less Paperwork

Never Forget What Is Due. Easily Report What Was Done.

  • Keep track of any routine tasks
  • Record and review status, notes, and meter readings
  • Works even when you don't have an internet connection
  • Save time and reduce reporting errors
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iPhone & iPad in rugged cases
iPhone in rugged case

Improve Accountability and Communication

Keep Management And Staff On The Same Page

  • Share photos to provide context for your data
  • Every record is time-stamped—know who did what, when
  • Easily review staff’s field notes and photos at any time
  • Receive automatic alerts and email summary reports
  • A tool so simple your staff will actually enjoy using it
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Gain Insight, Even When You’re Off-Site

See Your Whole Facility At A Glance

  • Access all your data from any computer
  • Simple layout makes it easy to see what’s been done and what is due
  • Faster, better information helps you make smarter decisions
  • Proof that your staff is taking care of business
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iPad & iPhone in rugged cases

Help Your Staff Succeed

Best Practices Will Become Common Practice In Your Operation

  • Reduce time training new staff with well-defined daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
  • Detailed instructions in your crew’s hands empowers them to be more self-sufficient
  • Easily update and enforce standard procedures across your whole portfolio
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Facilities That Rely On LogCheck

LogCheck is being used in over 50,000,000 square feet of real estate.

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